Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scrabble Tile Ribbon Necklaces

These are our adorable ribbon necklaces.
Made out of an original Scrablle tile, organza ribbon, cat beads, crystals & silver.
Made to fit any age.
We will customize the initial, colors and ribbon.
Just let us know what you would like!

These very adorable beaded hair barretts
are just the perfect fit for any princess!


BryceandSally said...

Shine, I love the hair barretts! I love how unique they are, never seen anything like them! So cute, I'm going to have to go snag me some of those.

Sanders Family said...

Hi Girls! I love everything, but the bead barretts are my favorite. They are really cute! Guess I will have to get me a girl now :) . Andee

Shari B. said...

You got a sale on ETSY!!! Yeah!!!